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Owner Bill Simmons has over 29 years as a construction foreman and contractor. His extensive experience in custom woodworking has placed him in great demand by homeowners and professional colleagues alike. Originally from New York, Bill relocated to Los Angeles in 2002, and since then he has led the construction of everything from 4-story hotels to single family dwellings. In 2016 he expanded to enjoy the beauty of the Redwood forests he loves. Santa Rosa was his choice location. 

Also part of Simmons Construction Co. is Bill’s brother, Mike. A fastidious and expert roofer, Mike also brings 23+ years of experience to every project he works on. An expert in waterproofing, Mike is industry-renowned for his attention to detail and his commitment to quality.

Of utmost importance to Bill & Mike is their crew. They have a reputation in the construction industry for completing projects on time and on budget, a reputation built in part by their ability to manage their crew and retain loyal and talented contractors. Simmons Construction is fully insured and bonded.


Simmons construction

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