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“Adding on a second story and a remodel is daunting project even for the most seasoned homeowner. And this is why we were very selective of our project team. We wanted a reliable contractor who would work well with our architect, designers, and most importantly, us the homeowner.

We interviewed several contractors who were well respected for their ability to complete the project within the parameters that we set for cost and quality of construction. Notwithstanding extensive planning and preparation, we anticipated that there would still be changes to the project plan as it evolved.

Accordingly, we wanted a contractor who was flexible and who would adapt to changes quickly with cost effective solutions.

Michael Liddy &

Cynthia Morrison

Custom Woodwork and Detailed Carpentry Finishing, Second Story Master Bedroom

An excellent example of this flexibility and follow through is our master bedroom ceiling. We had come to point late in the project where the ceiling was still in a rough state of construction and we needed a solution that was going to produce the high quality finish look we had in mind.

With this challenge in hand, Bill personally took responsibility to make the ceiling right by performing the finish carpentry himself. He told us that he knew we would see his work every night and wanted us to be very happy with the job.

To be sure the ceiling is indeed the central attraction of the second story.

We are very happy with Bill and his commitment to our being satisfied with his work.”

"Great work... terrific and fair in price. The best!"  

                                                                      -- Jonathan Axelrod

                                                                         Plumbing Repair 

"Very happy. They came in and did the work as advertised, including coming up with several suggestions to fix an issue I did not know existed until they pointed it out to me during the original estimation!"  

                                                                      -- David Rolston

                                                                        Roof Repair  

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